Who is Ivana Trump (Donald Trump First Wife)?

Ivana Trump, first wife of former President Donald Trump

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Who is Ivana Trump?

Having Chezch-American origin, Ivana Trump was a famous business woman of the US. Her full name was Ivana Marie Trump. Other than being a businesswoman she was a media personality, fashion designer, author and model. She was the first wife of late US president Donald Trump. She was born on 20 February 1949 in Morovian city of Zin in Czechoslovakia. She died on 14 July 2022 in New York at their home.

Ivana Trump Biography

Though she is most popularly known as the former wife of Donald Trump, she had actually married four times. Her first husband was Alfred Winklmayr, second husband was Donald Trump, third husband was Riccardo Mazzucchelli and her fourth husband was Rossano Rubicondi whom she divorced in 2009. Her divorces and marriages always received extensive media coverage.



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Ivana Trump Family

Ivana Trump used to live in Canada before immigrating to the US in 1970. Her father was an electrical engineer and her mother was a telephone operator. She started skiing at the age of just 4 years for which she was encouraged by her father. She joined Charles University in Prague and completed her masters in ‘Physical Education’ from there in 1972.

Ivana Trump Career

It was the time of Soviet era when Czechoslovakia was part of the USSR and in order to fulfill her dreams she needed to leave the country for which in 1971 she married Alfred Winklmayr who was an Austrian ski instructor. By doing this she got austrian citizenship and her austrian passport in 1972. This is how she saved herself from the law of defection and retained the right to return to visit her parents in Czechoslovakia. In 1973 she took an absentee divorce from Alfred in Los Angeles where she had moved to teach skiing.

Ivana Trump Divorce

After her first divorce she moved to Canada and stayed in Montreal where she consistently improved her English via night courses at McGill University. Ivana during her model shoot in 1976 at New York met Donald Trump whom she got married 1977. Her couple with Donald became most discussed in New York and together they started executing various projects including the iconic Trump Tower. With Donald she had 3 children, Doanld Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric. Ivana and Donald were prominent figures of New York Society throughout the 1980s. 

Her marriage with Donald got in trouble when she encountered Donald’s mistress Marla Maples and ultimately to divorce. But their professional relationship continued thriving. 



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Ivana Trump Business Person

She held key managerial positions in The Trump Organization. She also worked as president of & CEO of Trump Castle Hotel and as manager at Plaza Hotel. Ivana had launched her various ventures in Fashion Jewelry, Beauty & Clothing products. She also got her several books published which were fiction, self-help and her autobiography “Raising Trump”.

Ivana Trump Death

On July 14 2022, Ivana died at her home in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. She was found unconscious and unresponsive at the bottom of her home’s staircase. The information of her death was announced by Donald Trump through Truth Social App.

Ivana was an ambitious lady, her reviewers always used to define her as “charismatic workaholic, a career woman, an equal”.